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Washbar 100% Natural Shampoo

Washbar 100% Natural Shampoo

  • $23.90
  • Save $260

Don't just wash the dog - shower it in goodness


Available in:

  • Neem Fresh
  • Citrus + Manuka 
  • Lavender + Primrose 

Each bottle is 250ml 

We’ve been working on this for nearly two years … but we’ve finally developed a 100% Natural Shampoo.

We think it’s a big deal for dogs - it isn't just about 100% natural ingredients, it's about being free from all those things that compromise health and environment - parabens, sulfates, palm oil derivatives and synthetic fragrances & colours.

Many of those everyday brands you see on the shelf claim to be natural but they use non-natural preservatives, usually paraben or formaldehyde based - because they're cheap and effective. Problem is they're also linked to cancer and skin sensitivity issues.

We use a completely 100% natural preservative developed for use in high-end human skincare & cosmetic products. Our shampoo also uses a natural surfactant that doesn’t have a high foaming action like conventional (non-natural) shampoos. Dog owners will find it easy to use, very effective at cleaning & easier to rinse out.

Our shampoo is PH balanced for a dog and gentle on their sensitive skins as well as human hands. It's ideal for dogs that suffer from allergies or skin irritations experienced with other shampoos ...

All ingredients are ethical, natural & fully traceable. Ingredients are all listed (in full) on the bottles, and like all WashBar products -Made right here in NZ.