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Minty Grass-Fed Lean Beef Medallions

Minty Grass-Fed Lean Beef Medallions

  • $12.00

Made from 100% Grass Fed Beef from New Zealand 
Mint leaves top it off for that extra minty freshness flavour for your pet. Both yummy & able to freshen their breath up at the same time !

Suitable for even puppies! If you are looking for a super lean and healthy snack for your pup! This is it! 

Benefits of Mint leaves:

  • Can help with stomach problems. 
  • Calming effects on your dog’s stomach and intestinal tract
  • Stimulate appetite when a dog refuses to eat
  • Helps cure flatulence as well
  • Treat your dog’s bad breath as it inhibits bacteria growth in the mouth


Shelf life: 1 month
Per pack 40g



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