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*Premium* Dehydrated New Zealand Venison Meat

*Premium* Dehydrated New Zealand Venison Meat

  • $9.90

Our dehydrated treats PREMIUM RANGE! Only available in limited quantities !

Made from 100% Lean New Zealand Venison

A great alternative to beef proteins for pets.
Venison provides ample amounts of protein and is much leaner than beef, so it is especially nutritious for dogs, who don't need large amounts of dietary fat. In fact, venison contains about 75% less saturated fat than beef. In addition to lean protein, venison also provides several key nutrients to keep your dog healthy. Vitamins B6 and B12, niacin and riboflavin are all present in deer meat.

  • Great for training treats
  • Delicious & Healthy
  • Suitable for ALL life stages
  • Lesser fat content (Suitable for pets who are overweight but still wish to have treats) 
  • Loaded with tons of vitamins and proteins! 
  • Suitable for feeding your pets daily


Each pack 40g 

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