Dehydrated Pork Jerky

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Available in 2 packet sizes: 

  • Standard Pack (60g)
  • Upsized Pack (100g)


  • Myfurfriends dehydrated Pork Jerky are all freshly prepared. This is to ensure that the treats are of the highest quality. Preparation of our treats are done using gloves & we ensure that there is no cross contamination. So you can be ensured that these treats are 100% safe & healthy for your furbies ! 


  • Myfurfriends dehydrators works 12-16 hours to complete a batch of delicious treats for your pets.
    100% certified safe and using BPA free trays when dehydrating these yummy goodies for your furbies.  


  • Myfurfriends takes into consideration all the safety aspects and well-being of your furbies when making these treats for them. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 
  • 100% Pure Lean Pork 
  • NO added preservative & additives 
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