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Caramel Piggy Chews

Caramel Piggy Chews

  • $7.00

We've got a new type of type even better, tastier & yummier than any other rawhide chews! Caramelised with a tinge of Organic Manuka Honey which will make your dogs love them EVEN MORE! 

As this is a strictly pork base treat ONLY, you won't have to worry about any other contents being in the treat! Suitable for dogs allergic to beef, chicken & seafood too!


Available in limited quantities only

Facts about this treat:

  • Suitable for dogs allergic to beef / chicken
  • An ALL NATURAL dog treat (Strictly Pork base ONLY!) 
  • No other added preservatives/colouring/additives
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Safe for dogs (even puppies)
  • Keeps them busy with delicious chews
  • Helps exercise their jaw muscles 


*Supervision is recommended when feeding your dogs any treats*
*Always feed them treats & chews in moderation*

1 stick per day (Small - Med) 
Up to 2 Sticks per day for (Med Large - Large Breeds) 

What you get:
60g Caramel Piggy Chews 

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