*MOST POPULAR* Dehydrated Pig Ear Chews

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Our dehydrated pig ear chews are perfect for all life stages. 

  • 100% Natural 
  • No preservatives, additives, No fillers 
  • Perfect chew treat to help exercise your dog's jaw muscles
  • Aids in cleaning teeth
  • Keeps them occupied with a natural & healthy chew treat all at the same time! 

Shelf life: 1 month

Sizing: Each pig ear is approx 5cm x 7cm (suitable for small to med breeds)

Upsized ear: 8cm x 7cm approx (Suitable for Large Breeds)

As pig ears are different in shapes & sizes. The sizing might differ slightly. If the ears are smaller than the usual ones we will add on another to equal it to the size of the pig ear (Approx: 5cm x 7cm)