Coconut oil in your pet's diet

Posted by Rachel Long on

Purchase your bottle of organic virgin coconut oil for your pets here. Suitable for both dogs and cats. 
Extremely recommended for pets that have cuts abrasions and sores & even sore or irritated paw pads. 
It can be used internally and externally.

Also suitable for pets that have flaky skin and also itchy skin in pets. 
Gives your pets a glossy coat especially for dogs like poodles, maltese, schnauzers and dogs that are long coated. Similarly for cats that have long coats like ragamuffins, munchkin and even ragdoll cats.

We even include it in our Myfurfriends organic dehydrated treats for pets that can be fed to both cats and dogs to provide the most wholesome and yummy healthy treats for your pets, these treats does not include any form of preservatives unlike commercial made treats that are made in bulk. No raw hides are included at all. Made from 100% pure meat and organic items. Check out our range of treats here!